Fire controll froze in middle of cut

I have cut countless things with this table and all of the sudden everything stopped. Fire control still shows to be running but nothing is happening. I cannot click on any buttons. Need help ASAP, thanks

Can you provide some more info about your setup? What plasma cutter and computer, operating system? First cut or have you been cutting for a while?

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I have been cutting for several months with no problems at all. Today while cutting everything just stopped. Fire Control locked up and could not do anything. The green tab still said running but nothing was happening. I am running Windows 10 with plenty of memory and storage. I had to end task to get it to open back up. Once I did that I tried the cut again and it worked fine. Never had that happen before.

This happened three or four times today to me as well. I’m hoping there is a way to roll everything back to pre 20.5…

I am hoping the guys at Langmuir have a answer soon, I have a ton of work to do and can’t afford for this to keep happening.

I cut atleast 800 pierces and 4500in of cut a day for about 3 days a week. I have had 20.5 freeze on me just about once a day. the worst thing about it is, the program looses its zero coordinates when it does this. I have to force shutdown as well. after every few programs I shut FC down and restart it just to be safe. I didn’t have these issues with 20.4 that I remember. I really think its the 20.5 version.

I have seen this as well. Mine usually freezes at the start of a cut with the torch stuck on. Random as hell. I agree ,I didn’t see this in earlier firmware combinations.

Ive had my torch stuck on 2 times. Scary as hell

Yeah same here FC froze and the torch wont turn off. Forced to do a hard shutdown.

Also experience a sporadic freeze but it was fortunately during a dryrun. Firecontrol just froze, needed a hard shutdown. Have only cut a few times since upgrade to 20.5 so can’t say it is a trend yet.