Fire control not running/torch connection not showing

Also trying swapping comm ports and it doesn’t change from comm 3 still faded green

Those are my problems and I need a hand

What plasma cutter are you using? If it’s a Razorweld, you probably have the torch firing and divided voltage wires switched. You can’t trust the directions to be correct in terms of which port is which on the plasma.

That will be the reason that your torch won’t fire through Firecontrol.

It won’t have anything to do with the THC connection in Firecontrol. That is probably a USB driver issue. You need to download and install the THC driver from the Langmuir downloads page.

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Hypotherm 45 xp with machine torch. I’ve made cuts in the past but replaced torch and nothing works

Replacing the torch is not going to have anything to do with the problem you are having. This is a USB connection issue between the computer and the electronics enclosure.

What does it say in Green next to Machine? What does that Orange box in the upper right say?

Connection help

Somehow it’s working so first cuts are made thanks for the help


Well that’s great you got it working.

It’s too bad you’re unaware of how your issue become resolved.

Chalk it up to a loose wire I guess?

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yeah took the cover off to take pics and started firecontrol and ive cut 13 knives and two moose heads so something mustve been loose