Fire Control issue GLexception

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Yup. Don’t cry but you’re going to need another computer (assuming it’s a laptop) because the graphics adapter in your computer doesn’t support OpenGL 3.0. If a desktop then maybe you can get another video card that does.

I ran into the same thing and I bought a used Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 (which supports up to OpenGL 4.3) with Windows 10 installed on it and it’s a great little touch screen computer. I can testify that it survives getting knocked off the stand and everything about it just works (which is rare for Windows) and greasy fingerprints clean right off the glass covered touchscreen.

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This laptop and video driver worked fine until I accidentally upgraded to windows 11. When I downgraded to windows 10 is started to screw up.

Then the video driver that was installed with Win11 doesn’t support OpenGL 3.0 or higher, which is really the root issue. In my case there were no newer video drivers available for my graphics chip that did (and never would be). There’s tons of info available about upgrading your video driver but Win 11 drivers might be an issue.

That was my thought so I reverted back to 10 and I’m having issues with the drivers. For some reason it’s defaulting to windows display driver not the nvidia. Any suggestions?

Open your video adapter in Device Manager, then find the control to search for and update your video driver. There’s tons of videos showing it step by step on YouTube.