Fire control changes

A couple of suggestions for making fire control better.

  1. Move the edit/file save button away from the load button. So far at the end of a long day twice I have overwritten a file I need with the file I just finished cutting.

  2. When your using the torch don’t have the touch button unable when you turn the torch off. I usually do three or four cuts and have to enable the torch button each time.


I would like to ask for a “Park” feature. You pick a spot while setting up the cut, and hit “Mark Park.” When the cut is finished, the torch moves to the ‘Park’ spot.

This is so the torch can cool off over a piece of metal instead of spraying water all over the place.


How about being able to load the file not connected to the crossfire. When I’m done creating a file it would be nice to be able to load it to see how it looks and runs on the machine without walking out to the shop and turning everything on.


It would certainly be helpful during the learning stages with FireControl to load without connecting to the table. Yes, agreed.

I recently ordered a Bambu printer. It won’t arrive for a few weeks but I have already spent about 3 hours on the Bambu Studio slicer program that allows me to load the stl or stp files and manipulate them in the environment without any printer nearby. It is quite refreshing.

The primary problem with the table and FireControl is that most of the settings for moving the table are housed in the enclosure. Think of FireControl as a light switch and the the table is the light. Nothing happens without the light bulb.

Edit: I see Craig is about to make an appearance. And this is a great guy to show up here. He is working on some things that might really make us all happy. Sorry if I am overselling it.

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For sure these (deleting this “and I’ll add “Rotate 90” request.” per conversation below.)

For the button changes, please consider us using a touchscreen and miss button presses are likely.


FireControl already has the rotation feature.

uh oh, logging into my shop firecontrol now to check this out.

Rotation is a feature near the straight cut feature

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well damn, never saw rotate in the past 3 years, only saw scale. Thanks.


I’m hurt :tired_face: You doubted me :wink:

I use it a lot when I am trying to use up scraps of metal with the image I have.

And the rotation allows at least 1 degree increments. I believe it allows decimal point, as well.


Dumb guy here rotates the stock manually. Thanks for saving my back.

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The cheat code for this is to snap a quick measurement of the plate, draw it in fusion, throw the dxf in sheetcam and use it as the cutting area. Nice for oddball parts. Takes a minute but worth it to fit some extra cuts.

My request for fire control would be to add an A axis control option. I can make the rest of the rotary kit, just need the control options.


I use the rotate feature all the time when cutting scrap also. But never thought about using to turn things on a slight angle. I would also turn the sheet. Thank you


To go along with moving buttons, how about making them a little larger for those of us with touch screens and large fingers.


I accidently hit the close window/quit upper right ‘X’ while cutting once. FireControl promptly quit (which sucked). I submitted a feature request to disable quitting while running or at least pop up confirm dialog.


Just know that, when you rotate a drawing, you must use the “set program origin” function to reset the origin. Otherwise, you may be surprised at where the part actually ends up.


Copied from a thread I started last year
I think a nice feature to add to the control is a simple shape generator in addition to the Straight line cut.

Rectangle, Triangle, and Circle.

Rectangle - parallel sides, length input for each X+, Y+, (program verses inputs for X- and Y-)

Triangle - Start angle, Y- length, Second angle, Y+ length (or X-, X+) program returns to 0,0

Circle - Dia or Rad

The to do list for Langmuir is getting pretty long!

An old machinist once told me, "Always keep your hand on ‘feed hold’ when you press start. "


Overall I really like firecontrol EXEPT for one thing and that is the ability to type one line of gcode on a command line. It just seems odd to not have it as it is easy to implement and can be very handy.