Finely got my Everlast PowerPlasma 60s

Got my plasma in the other day seems very nice. 1st cut a 2" circle with .040" offset thru 1/8" steel, measured 1.997 to 1.999 ain’t gonna complain about that. Well chuffed.


Super first cuts. Hope you have as much fun with yours as I’m having with my table :slightly_smiling_face:

Care to share that file! My daughter loves seahorses and i wanted to make her a seahorse windchime

seahorse.dxf (286.0 KB)

Google “seahorse SVG” or “seahorse dxf” and you’ll find hundreds or thousands of ones you can download and import into Fusion.

If you’re going to sell things make sure you pick the option for unrestricted use license so you’re not stepping on someone’s IP. Or buy the design with commercial reproduction rights.

For personal use like the wind chimes you mentioned you don’t need to worry about that because the fair-use provision should be sufficient.

I have Mastercam with the art package and the seahorse was in a sample library they are free for use.

I have the same unit and love it,
cuts through 1/4 aluminum with ease!

How was wiring up the everlast? I’m looking at the 50, and my buddy just got the 60 as well, but it looked like you need some sort of pins for that little cnc plug? Or am I mistaken

The Plasma comes with the CNC plug just had to cut off the spade connectors off the Langmuir wires and solder them into pins 1 and 2 plug in and enjoy.

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Stupid question. How is it that the material under the cutting surface does not get cut? The area i circled in red?
Is it elevated above the table when cut? Sorry for what seems like an obvious question but I’m new to this…

This was my very 1st cut on the table if you look carefully you will see it in thier.

The part you circled was not under the plasma arc. You’d only see it cutting into the slats where the cutlines intersect the slat - so near the top & bottom of your cut. It looks like it did cut into the slat at the top of your picture but can’t see if it did at the bottom as well.

It will cut into your slats so you’ll be moving them, flipping them over and finally replacing them over time as you use the table. They’re considered a consumable like the nozzle & tip.

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Thanks again, that makes sense. I appreciate the education, thanks again James!

I wired mine as the online tutorial shows, as I didn’t have time to figure out a plug for the back. One day I would like to make a simple plug in and not have a wire hanging out the side of the machine.

Just have to solder the wires that came with the table to pins #1 and 2…

Everlast having a Christmas 25% off…

are they having the sale on their website? do you use a code?

Sorry its 20% I believe.

I was wrong again didn’t have my binoculars on 12% in the lower right. Sorry.

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