Financing for MR-1?

I haven’t seen anything official about potentially financing the machine and what the terms might be. Anybody else?

I have seen that they finance through
This was from the XR forum.
When you go to check out, I believe that is where you can sign up for financing.

Can I finance the remainder of the machine?

You can absolutely finance the remaining balance of your CrossFire XR. We have partnered with Affirm to offer competitive rates and terms up to 72 months. Qualifying and payment plan options are available during the final checkout process. Please see for more about Affirm.


I looked into it on affirm and its only for 6 and 12 months at like 25 percent interest. or at least thats what my terms were. i ended up calling discover card and asked for 12 months at 0 perecent and they were more than happy to give it to me. i would give that a try with whatever company you have your card through as long as your okay paying it off that fast.


I went with a Bank of America card that had twenty-one months ZERO percent financing. They were pretty slow compared to most of my other banks to get back with me but it seemed to work out.

Affirm had horrible rates and couldn’t cover even 1/2 of the full purchse.


I thought everyone here paid cash… :grimacing:

i was being lazy and used afirm with them, but my quote was 5% i think. but also did it for 1 year. seemed easy.