Feedback on first cuts - IHS and THC working correctly?

After watching your cut video again, it appears that the torch never touches the material during the IHS at the 13 second mark in your video. The same thing happens again around 20 seconds.

Check out this thread for some information on how to fix that.

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I am cutting 16 gauge. I will try a .5 second pierce delay if you think that will help. I didnt think i was having peirce issues anymore. I was before when i was doing a .1 delay and .2. Bumped to .4 and it seems to be okay but i am new.

I will try to losten up the axles a little and see if that helps. I am not having this issue often though. its not happening on all cuts. Should it be having issues on each cut if these are too tight?

trying lowering the torch mount a lil instead of the axles. it’s possible that your’re hitting the limit switch before it actually hits the metal. do a dry run with cutter off and TCH off in firecontrol to see if that fixed it.

It could be also that your IHS cables don’t have enough slack and could cause the ihs to activate prematurely.

Hi Cameron,

We have a firmware solution ready to rollout that cures the issue you are experiencing but we haven’t done the rollout yet. Basically it debounces the limit switch in firmware so that you dont get the phantom triggers like what you are experiencing. I asked our software engineer if we can get a copy of the firmware sent to you via email.

In the mean time, i strongly encourage you to slightly loosen your bottom eccentric V bearing axle as others have mentioned.

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You guys rock. I will admit, ask much as i dont want to, my torch leads did not have enough slack in them. I have been doing most of my cuts in one spot on the table and when i did that video of the fish, it was at a far end i never use and low and behold after reading about the various cures, my line had 0 slack at that section of the axis. I am simple somtimes.

Looking forward to ANY software updates you guys roll out. Super happy with my machine still