Feed rate/pierce delay

Im downloading the wyoming cowboy (bucking bronc horse) from fire share i have the cross fire pro and an everlast 62i can anyone help me with feed rate (ipm) and pierce delay (sec) thank you very much

Hi Matthew… So, the pierce delay and feed rate are going to depend on several factors… First of which would be the type and thickness of material you intend to cut… Let us know that for starters and you can go from there using the cut charts and other threads like this one---->Everlasting 62i cut chart


Im cutting 16g. This will be both my table and my first attempt at learning this!

Have you done any test cutting of something simple?
If not, you should or you may get discouraged quickly!


Not yet once i download that file from fireshare it is zipped. So i unzip it with winzip then fusion 360 to open it their is nothing their!!! Ehat am i doing wrong

Which file type are you trying to open in Fusion? “Cut ready” .nc and .tap files can be opened directly in Firecontrol. Fusion won’t open those files.


I will say it again you should really try a simple cut first. This is not something you just load a file and away you go. You need to know at least some basics so you understand what is going on.

Try a more simple cut so if something goes wrong you don’t end up with a bunch of wasted material.