Everlasting 62i cut chart

I’ve searched and can’t find a cut chart for the everlast 62i. Does anyone have one they made?

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You can use the Primeweld cut 60 chart as a starting point.


I have just started as well , I have the Everlast 62i and would like to know what you have learned so far. I have only cut .125" so far but it seems to do well at 45amps and 65ipm

I have a 62i…
keep air pressure always the same…60psi on flow check
11g I run at 43amp at 90 ipm
14g I run at 33 amps at 90 ipm…

it all dpends on your air quality and HR or CR metal…I only run HR…can’t afford CR

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Thanks @toolboy
I will add to my list
I just cut some .250" Stainless steel at 60 amps and 40 ipm with good results

I got to cut some 3/16" today I used 50 amps and 45 IPM . It did great almost dross at all

Do you have pictures of cuts at these speeds?

Seems really slow for 45 amps.

the first is the 3/16 at 50 amps@45ipm the second is the back side
the third is the back side of the 1/8" cut 45amps @ 65ipm
Please don’t take any of my post as creditable. I have just started this hobby and I am experimenting as i go. If you have suggestions to try PLEASE share.

They look good!

I cut 1/8" at 155 ipm at 45 amps .058 cut height 70 psi air pressure at machine torch. Titanium 45 plasma cutter.
3/16" 75 ipm 45 amps.

Sounds like I should speed things up a bit Thanks for the input !