Fabricating from Vegas

Hey everybody, just signed up here! My name is Brian and i just received my plasma cutter a couple days ago and it looks like the cnc table and water table are being shipped. I will be receiving everything in the next couple weeks! I fabricate security doors mostly here in Vegas and usually source custom plasma cut pieces through our supplier but saw this sweet set up a few months back and said GOT TO HAVE IT! I am pretty excited and have started doing some research. Before posting up my questions i do try and read through topics to get ideas and learn the steps to set up my table! Currently working on running a dedicated 50 Amp 230V plug for the table. I believe we are running an 8g wire to power it up, well my buddy who is an electrician. Im just pointing out were i want it and pulling the wires for him, haha. I believe 8g will be sufficient. Will the table need its own dedicated 120V plug or will i be able to run off of one i currently have that power a refrigerator? Thanks in advance guys!

50A for your Plasma cutter is definitely sufficient. The table electronics doesn’t need much, probably around 400W, so yes, you can share that 125V line without a problem - your beer will remain chilled! :beer::wink:

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Exactly Tom! :beers: Thanks for the input … currently working on what program we will be using with a buddy. He does house plans so would like to use something that he is familiar with just in case i have questions. I plan to cut a lot of 22g steel so am also looking for some tips and tricks for a thinner metal. Any input would be awesome!

Any 2D CAD program should work for you so what he uses could be ok (if it can do something other than Feet and Fractional inches) :wink:

There may be more optimum CAD programs, which you can learn over time, but, IMO, having someone nearby who can help you is probably the most important feature!

The key thing is to be able to export DXF, SVG, or HPGL files. All of these can be imported to SheetCam, which is my recommended CAM program (used to convert drawing files to G-Code files for the Table Controller).

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welcome to the group you’re gonna love your crossfire I’ve been using one for the last year and I would be lost without it.
Just watch all the videos on YouTube and with the help of this group you will not have a problem because when you do have a problem somebody on this group has the answer.
Learning curve is a little steep in the beginning and you might make a lot of scrap but it’ll be worth it.
I have used Kubotek (Cadkey) for the last 25 years so Cad is not a problem for me but all you need is a simple CAD program that can make DXF files.
I use sheet cam to convert the DXF to G code
Then Mach 3 to run crossfire

Ok thanks both of you! I forwarded this info to my buddy! Yes definitely have been watching all the youtube vids i can find on this and keep watching them over just to try and let it sink in. See you guys around!

here’s a couple pictures of projects I’ve worked on and I’m still learning.
first one is cable straps made of .05 5052 aluminum

And the next one is a tubing bender made out of 3/8 plate

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Nice Tom! Those straps man, it will be fun seeing how small i will be able to go into the details.