Ez 65ds plasma cutter

Im looking to get a table and i see the list of compatible plasma cutter and mine isnt on it. Has anyone hooked a ez plasma up to langmuir table.

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There are a few members that have had success with the yes welder version of the 65 DS. I’m making an assumption that the ez brand is a rebrand of the yes welder.

Here is one recent post for a few days ago.

If you use the search icon in the top left corner of the Forum try using the keyword “65ds” there are several topics about this plasma cutter.

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You mean top right


There are also 2 different versions of the 65ds. One is high frequency and one is non-HF.


Do you already own this? If not, just buy a supported plasma cutter. The plasma unit is an essential part of this table. Cheap is cheap for a reason.