Yeswelder CUT-65DS working

Hello yall,

I know I’ve seen very few posts about using budget Plasma Cutters. Just wanted to give you some feedback on this.

I have a newer YesWelder CUT65-DS running on 220v line. I tried it on 110 but did run into some issues with the THC, but it could have been some other issues. I didn’t fiddle to much with the 110v.

After running on 220v, This cutter is running fine now. Playing well with FireControl and IHS/THS. Not bad for a holiday Amazon Purchase for a “65AMP” cutter running a PT40 torch I believe, But I plan on changing this to a Machine torch and see how much more efficient and accurate I can get it running. This is the Black Shell version of the CUT65-DS. I don’t even see them listed on their site right now. I paid 279.80 November 23’… I’ll update this as I do some testing etc., Literally just got the system running tonight after a month of troubleshooting various issues mostly with the THC not retaining the drivers in the computer, It would misfire and then THC would disappear, and I would have to pull the module and reinstall and delete and reinstall drivers, was highly aggravating.

Now just to dial in the Cut and piercing heights and get this thing running.

Forgot to add, that I tied this into Raw Voltage was super easy two screws on the main board, and the Torch Fire wires were easy to find and tap into as well. Took me longer to drill the hole in the back and put in a grommet than it did to attach the internal wires.


Welcome to the forum! AND Thank you for the thorough report! It is a welcome read!

Good luck with your tuning.


Nice to hear you are sorting the issues out. I have the YesWelder welder and am pretty impressed with it for the price.

Just a word of caution with your PT40 torch, George (@mechanic416), who is very knowledgeable about plasma cutters said that torch is only rated for 40 amps. If you exceed the 40 amps you are likely to get some unexpected issues with the torch and/or consumables.

Good luck to you. And as Tom said, great report and keep us posted. I am very impressed you pushed thru as you problem solved the issues.


Yea, they sell a pt60 which should be able to handle the 65 amps, I don’t believe it will reach that just like most electronic companies overstating or playing word games. But so far its been pretty good, no complaints thus far. Although I have not had much time to really delve into settings and really fine tune the machine, Once I do i’ll post my results. Although I kind of sidelined this project, and now am working on how to fit a CO2 laser to the crossfire and run it as a hybrid machine, until i can convince the wife to let me buy a fiber laser source and run a fiber laser to cut metal for less than the 20+k most fiber laser cutters will run you.

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Bold move using a CO2 laser without an enclosure. Make sure you look up all the potential hazards if you’re not already well familiarized with the dangers of a laser at that wavelength if you don’t have an enclosure planned out.

How many watts are you gunning for?

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