Extrude problems

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong when trying to extrude. I am trying to cut out the tattered flag and when I try to extrude it will not pick up all the cut lines. When I try to click on another spot it drops off the spot I had hit earlier.
Thanks in advance

If the profiles are not complete it will not extrude.

You’ll have to check the drawing to make sure the lines are complete. Sometimes there may be small gaps.

This topic talks about one method about finding those small gaps.

There is a couple other reasons that are a little more rare.

Could you post your f3d file?

For the dxf or SVG that you’re having problems extruding.

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I’ll try that . Thank you

Not sure what that file is but I can post the DXF file it was a shared file from another sight

Up in the top left of fusion 360 in one of the file menus will be export.

You can export a f3d file from Fusion 360 which includes all the information that you’re using in 360 for that current project.

I do have a screenshot walkthrough somewhere on the site on how to do it. I also have a video on this site on how to do it as well if you click my avatar I believe it’s video three.

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I looked at the DXF and it seems like it is not a design the can bee cut on the plasma table without falling to pieces.

there are two closed profiles that can be extruded and many lines that cannot be.

you only can extrude closed shapes (profiles)

I guess the intent with this DXF was to engrave or mark the interior .then cut the inner voids and exterior shape.

here are the shapes extruded

now turn on the sketch so you can see the lines.

You could not cut all of this without it falling apart.

Not a Extrude Problem, a Design Problem

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Ok thank you for checking this for me. I really appreciate your time. It was a file someone posted on Plasma Spider.

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