Extra pro table?

While waiting for my pro to get here I found a deal on another XR pro table. Here’s the thing tho. It’s just the table itself with the water pan and slats. Nothing else included. Would this have any value to me down the road? Or just spare parts I’ll never actually need?

I thought it would be nice to set it back to back with the new table for longer sheets

You are combining different tables: Pro is the 33 x 48 inch table, XR is the 4x8 foot table.

As far as buying for spare parts, I have had my table running for 18 months. Although, I only use it as a hobby, the things you will use up more are the consumables in the torch, and the slats in the table. Other issues may be the electronics but you really don’t know what will need replacing on your table until it happens. I am the king of having spare parts in my garage. I have spare (new) carburetors for most of my small engines. The money I have spent on spare parts has been incredible. Not to mention all the room it takes up.

After saying all that, it is likely IF you buy the spare parts you won’t need the ones you have. And, since it is not a working table, there may be some issues with a slightly bent lead screw or the motors are not working. The electronics are potentially where you would gain but there again, since it is not a working table, you cannot verify that the electronics are sound. I would advise against buying a spare table for parts.

Just my opinion.

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