Exploded my probe, where to buy another?

Completely my fault, was jogging z when I thought I was jogging x. Anyway, can the tip be replaced? and if not, how do I buy another probe? It seems that you can only order one through Langmuirs site if you buy an MR-1 to go along with it.

I forget what somebody said the thread was…but you get the idea. (or, submit a ticket to Langmuir to purchase)

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I was told it was M3 thread? Ive been on the hunt for a 1mm tip but unable to find something that matches the length

You could put a 20mm extension on something like this…but you’re likely not going to find one with much length because of the shank flexing. 1mm ball has a tiny shank diameter, and you won’t have much clearance between it and the ball and risk probing with the shank and not the ball if you have a bur, or chips, or uneven edges.

M3 might be correct. I haven’t looked at it.


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I’m just trying to have the ability to probe the lip on the smw vises for when I flip parts. Unless theres a better way that I’m unaware of. Just seems like the most accurate way to achieve desired thickness of parts

Oh right…I think I remember this conversation previously.

You could go with this guy, with the longer shank, and the adapter below, and an extension. Would be a little longer than the MR-1 but not by a lot.


M2 to M3 adapter

M3 10mm extension

I ran/programmed CMM for years, and did a lot of custom probe builds. lol

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If you have a set of parallels you can flip The jaws on your SMW vice to the flat side and move your parallels around as needed for probing

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Thanks all