EXP USERS - what are the top 5 things you wish you knew when starting?

Hey yall - waiting on the PRO to arrive and getting the space assembled. For the experienced users, what are the things you wish you knew at the start?

What changes have you made and how did that affect your operation, negatively or positively?

What would you tell a first-timer?


First get familiar with your cad cam programs. cnc plasma is mostly computer work.

second make sure your air setup is up to par.

third is it will not go right at first so don’t get discouraged

these things are a lot of fun.

so what do you plan to do with your machine. that can help others make suggestions.


when crap happens…and it will…learn to trouble shoot…learn to go through steps to find the problems…
do not freak out…
do not drink to much…just enough…
start small…make a bottle opener for everyone you know


I appreciate it, both responses seem to indicate to be patient and keep trying, haha.
I plan to just start with some art, make signs for friends and some small pieces to use on the farm. Once I get to cutting well-made products, I’d like to do some custom art and other work.

I’ve seen people say several times that it is easier with other systems outside of Fireshare. I believe I may try out some other programs first. I don’t expect to be able to cut anything very well for a couple months until I learn the software.

Ordered an Arrow prefilter setup with a 2 quart desiccant bowl. I don’t know if that will be sufficient, but gives a starting point. I am in NJ in a swampy area, air is not too dry here. Is there anything you would recommend, dryerwise?

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make sure you have a large enough compressor…also look into air coolers…you will find a bunch of ideas on the forum…then there is a refrigerated dryer…a good investment is a motorguard filter just before the plasma…that will stop any dirt from getting to the plasma …


I’m only about 30 minutes from you, so I’d be happy to come help you in person, if the need arises.


Fireshare is a platform of people sharing files. It is ok to try a few not all are the greatest quality.

Dry air can for sure be a rabbit hole. That is at least a start what you need will depend on your area. Also how much you plan to use it .

What cad cam programs are you looking at.

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Understood. I do mostly troubleshoots for residential electric, so will apply that as much as possible. Ill try to keep it to a two-drink minimum. I mean… uh maximum. Sounds good, thank you!