Exact Cut Measurements?

I’m trying to fine tune my Pro and have run into a small issue. I cut three square (1”, 3” & 5”) the other day and they all were exactly 1/16” to small on the finished edge. The final cut measurements were 4-15/16” (5”), 2-15/16” (3”) and 15/16” (1”). How do I fix this so that the measurements are cutting exactly as they should be to the finished edge?

I’m not 100% here and just shooting in the dark but when you’re in the CAM process and clicking the lines to be cut. Are the arrows on the outside of the part. The 1/16, I believe may be similar to your kerf width and the machine isn’t compensating for it causing your part to be undersized.

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Yeah these are all setup for outside cuts verses no offset cuts.

Change your kerf width in the tool to be 1/32" wider. The machine will compensate further outwards from your part outline and get your dimensions in spec


What @Arcworxs_LLC said. This should fix your problem.