Everything isn’t cutting

So, with help from all of you awesome folks, I’ve learned how to make cut files from an svg as well as to toggle off the switchs for the x axis so I don’t get that stupid little error message. Here is my new dilemma. I make the cut file, I run the simulations, everything cuts fine. I bring up the program and send the file to be cut. It’s doing great! However, not everything cuts like it’s supposed to. I was doing one yesterday called Lake Life. It skipped letters. The cutter moves like it’s supposed to but it doesn’t fire. Husband says it wasn’t programmed to cut, yet the simulation shows it cutting. What am I doing wrong now??

What is your air setup?

Can you post your Gcode file here.

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And post f3d with your cutpath

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So I’m still learning. How do I post the Gcode here and what is a f3d?

2 stage dryer running about 75 lbs pressure continuously

your G code is the NC file you load in fire control. In fusion the tab you use to save a file has a option to Export a file, there you can save it as a F3d

After you post your Gcode a popup will appear in the bottom right corner. click “VIEW NC CODE” it will create a text file that you can copy and paste here.

F3D is you fuision file. here is how to post it to the forum.

Export f3d File and Post to Forum - Software / Fusion 360 - CAD - Langmuir Systems Forum


What plasma cutter do you have? If it’s a razorweld, make sure you are set to 2T mode. It’s the setting with up/down arrows next to the lights. You want the one with one up and one down arrow.


Yesweld cut 65 ds

Did you check to make sure you are set in 2T mode

switch is here on your machine.


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Make sure it’s on 2t. If not, it will make some cuts at low power and not turn on the torch for others.

Sorry everyone, between weather and sickness, I’ve just been able to get out today. As for the cutter, it is on 2t. I’m so frustrated with it all atm.

We all had our struggles early on so don’t think it’s just you. Don’t give up and hang with it. It does get a lot easier but there are a couple of hurdles in plasma cutting. Machine is only one of them. Designing can be another. Hope you feel better soon!

At this point, the best thing to do, besides take a deep breath, is start REALLY SIMPLE.

Step 1: Design a simple square with a hole in it. 2x2, one inch hole. Nothing tricky.
Step 2: Post Process and create the .nc file. This will be a very small text file.
Step 3: Open the .nc file with Notepad, Hit Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy, then reply to this thread and paste the text (Ctrl-V) into your post.

This will show everyone what your process it producing and let them help you further.