Everlast torch problems

I’ve got a crossfire pro table with an Everlast 62i with machine torch. It was cutting out a project the other day when it just quit making an arc, I’ve done quite a bit of trouble shooting and still can’t figure out, I’ve ruled out any problem with the plasma machine and crossfire itself, by plugging in the hand held torch and doing a torch fire and it works fine. I took the machine torch apart and cleaned all contacts and checked all connections and they all seem fine, when I hit torch fire the thc was initially showing 192v which it used to only be 60-80v when it was working. Now after I cleaned and checked everything over the thc is showing 2v when I hit the torch fire. Is my machine torch bad somehow? Is there anything else I should check? Thanks

You don’t have it clamped on the bottom of the torch? Make sure the Internal plunger is not stuck… should be able to push it up and return.

Do you know if RW machince torches are like this? I can push mine up but once snugged up I cant push it up any more, it seems to cut fine. Just realized this today when charging consumables.
and its clamped up above the barrel I guess you call it.

Not sure. mechanic416 is the guru. He forgot more about plasma than anyone I know.

You can only test the movement of the electrode with the cap off. Once you tighten down the cap, there is no way to push in the electrode from outside.


Good to know, I will remove the cap and check it.


So I was doing a little research on the machine torch it is an ipt60m machine torch that is not for use on hf start machines which mine is so I guess I burnt something up in the wiring

The Everlast 62i is NOT a high frequency plasma cutter.


Now if you want to test the IPTM60 torch. Hook it to the plasma cutter, hook up the air. Unhook the CNC connector on the back of the plasma cutter. Turn on the plasma cutter and jump pins 1 and 2 on the connector on the plasma cutter the torch should fire…


It says in the manual for the 62i that the start is blowback high frequency the torch is a plasmadyn ipt60m

I have an 82i an it is not high frequency start.
Not sure what the manual says. Its not.

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As an Everlast user, I can assure you that it’s not a high frequency machine.

Make sure your electrode moves in and out freely. That is the thing that causes the torch to fire when the air pressure blows the electrode back.


Ok so it is not moving freely it was seized up pretty good I broke it free but it’s still tight is there a way to disassemble it and clean it?

Alright I popped the cap off the bottom and scrubbed all the grime off the part that slides in and out is that something that happens often? It was built up on the inside so much that it couldn’t move

splashing water can make it corrode up.

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@Txn Everlast is a blowback start not a highfrequency.

Mechanic416, I have a similar problem on my 62i. I did what you mention to jumó pon 1 and 2, bit the torch does not fire, i can hear a clicking sound inside the plasma when I jump the pins, but no fire. What could it be?

Where do yo have the torch clamped to THC?
Hopefully not at the bottom. Internal plunger must be free to move or it won’t fire.

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It could be what @Bigdaddy2166 has said or the swirl ring is missing or the air pressure is to low to activate the pilot arc.

Thanks for that torch illustration. Seems like I use it very often :rofl:

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