Everlast THC voltages?

Hi - I have version 1.09 of THC installed along with Fire control 20.4

I haven’t had any issues since I last posted here 6 weeks ago with THC and firmware issues. I had been cutting 1/8 and 16ga.

I switched to 22 ga for some light brackets and I’m running into issues, Torch turning on and off along a segment. Circles may not cut, etc.

I’m noticing my Live voltages are typically around 180v, which drops into the teens and 20v range when cutting a straight line. I have an Everlast PP60. PTM60 torch. Wired through CNC port as per THC help guide. Cutting about 42 amps at 120ipm. Save file cuts fine on 16ga, but won’t cut on 22ga