Everlast 82i with THC

Well you were absolutely correct friend! I was finally able to get out and play with the table today and cut a 4" tearget out of 3/8" mild steel. I used 50A Amps @ 30IPM and it came out very nice. I will post some pics up fpr you to see later (Kid has my phone at the moment). Anyways just wanted to let you know and say thanks again for the help!

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IMG_1463 IMG_1459 IMG_1460

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I am glad to have been of some help.
i am really glad you are out there cutting and making thingsā€¦
There will be some times when it is frustratingā€¦but they will be far and few between I hope.

just try and pay it forwar sometime in the future and help another person who has troublesā€¦

that is what makes this place so much fun and informative