Everlast 50 or Hypertherm 45xp

Hello, I am a hobbiest and am wondering if the Hypertherm is worth the extra money? I have a Everlast protig 200 dv I am learning on and no issues yet. Will cut quality be similar? Also will I expect to go through the same amount of consumables? Thanks

Hypertherm designs and builds their plasma cutting systems in state of the art plants in Lebanon and Hanover NH, USA. The company has been in business since 1968 and is 100% employee owned…they are by far the largest producers of plasma cutting equipment in the world, with systems from 30 amps to 800 amps (6" cutting capacity). Hypertherm designs, engineers and manufactures its power supplies and torches, and holds over 200 patents related to the technology. The Powermax plasma’s are the line of air plasma cutters that consist of 7 models from 30 to 125 amps output. The 45xp is by far the most popular plasma as it packs a lot of power in a small package. It is known for its fine cutting capability on 10 gauge and thinner (special consumables for best edge quality) as well as its 45 amp shielded consumable technology. Hypertherm systems cost more to purchase, but far less to operate as the consumable life is typically 6 to 10 times longer than that of most of the import systems that use copied torch and consumable technology from a few decades ago. Hypertherm Powermax units are sold through most welding supply stores in the US and Canada…try one out ! Maybe some system owners of the 45xp as well as other brands can comment on their experience. I am a former (retired) Hypertherm employee…I have a cnc table and 4 plasma cutters in my home shop, Hypertherm of course! Jim Colt


These brackets were cut with a Powermax 45 on a LS table (Credit to @jumpstreetcustoms on Instagram). We tell all of our customers that if they wan’t the absolute best performance available, go with Hypertherm.

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Should I get 20’ cables for torches?

I would recommend Hypertherm to anyone and if they say if its worth the price I would say 100% yes. I had a couple cheaper machines first and had the common issues of the torch quit firing mid cut that can really make things frustrating when your trying to learn cnc plasma cutting. So do yourself a favor and rule out the machine from the start. I also have a everlast 255ext tig welder for my home garage its a great machine been problem free for 2 years now but I can also tell you it does not weld like the miller dynastys we have at work. I wouldn’t expect it being 1/3 of the price but it does get me by at home.

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NO brainer here. Go with the hyp 45. I have a 30 and highly regret on getting the 45. Got an everlast 60 and having some issues already. Trying some diff consumables next week, but yes I can almost guarantee they won’t last half as long. So in the long run hyp will save you money. I like being able to call the tech line and actually talk to someone. Good luck with everlast or any other offshore company. I’m about to send the everlast back. Iv learned too many times, don’t buy cheap tools that will get used alot.

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Go with the 45xp, I just did the switch from the everlast 60. Only had the everlast for 3 months. Wish I would have spent the extra right away.

Thanks for all the feed back. This made me decide on the 45xp. Great forum and great people. I will definitely have questions on consumables and settings later.

“Wow, straight from the horse’s mouth!”

I am also a hobbyist, and I love my XP45. Like any new tool, you are going to need to get used to it a bit. My first few cuts were a bit rough, but after spending some time reading the XP’s excellent written manual, I enjoy sharp cuts with minimal dross.

Great product Jim!

I’ll be getting a 45 soon. have the 30 and its been a beast. got an everlast 60s and sending this garbage back. consumables are an absolute joke.

I have a multi process Everlast 205si. It’s ac/dc tig, stick, and 50 amp plasma cutter. I use it daily for production style work and it just won’t stop.

I cut these out yesterday out of .190 aluminum. Absolutely no problem.


they sold you consumables?

I bought consumables off ebay. Only two people selling the shielded style. One guy claims his stuff is made in Italy, but all the 60 amp stuff seems to be out of stock. So I went with the other company and new they were prolly not so good. I had the same exact problem with them as the stock tips Everlast came with. I was on my second sheet of the day and a brand new tip just died outta no where. I’m sure some guys have success but I simply couldn’t. I just like having the consistency of hypertherm and knowing my tips last over a week during production, not within an hour. The other issue is everlast consumables aren’t even price good at all, esp for how long they last.

Everlast told me they only sell one nozzle… the 1.2 and if I want anything else to go somewhere else that’s why I asked if they sold you any. They told me to use Trafimet part numbers with other suppliers. Now indont know if that was the right thing or not. My torch came with a 1.1 nozzle installed and 1.2’s in the 10pc kit they sold me and 1.2’s in the starter kit. The manuals say the nozzle for 60amp is the 1.1 and the 1.2 if for 80amp

All I know is the consumables they sent with my 60s didn’t last long at all, ruined material and created so much down time. In the event that it was cutting, it was good at times. I then ordered shielded style as I thought they’d be much better esp for a system with no TCH. I ruined one in less than 20 min. Hooked my hpyertherm up and proceeded to cut for days on end with the same tips. I simply did not have a good experience with this machine and ordering consumables. I learned my lesson. Furthermore, I always want to support USA products and Hypertherm is just that.

Purchase Hypertherm 45xp 3 months ago. Have cut 4.5 full 4x10 sheets of 16g. Mostly small pieces. Just changed the electrode and tip today. Machine outperforms my old unit 100% and with consumables lasting this long the cost difference will be offset in no time.

Yeah it’s crazy. I have the Everlast 60s sitting in the shop under a cover. I absolutely love the Hypertherm 45xp.

I just saw a write-up on another forum where someone adapted a hypertherm torch to a Everlast plasma cutter. So I contacted the company and will keep everyone up to date

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My everlast 50s has cut flawlessly for 6 months. Consumables I buy from a guy in one of the forums. They work well. I have had over 1000 pierces on a single set of consumables… Environment does affect that, and of course some of the work that I do… But for large long cuts, I can get really good results. I cut this on one set of consumables that was already in my torch for a week of cutting. And I’m getting my consumables for $.75 each… 75635919_2179273865709644_247517109842608128_n


You should be able to cut a few hundred of the pictured art on one nozzle / electrode with a Hypertherm 45XP. The consumables cost more per part, much lest per foot of cut. That is one of the savings you will experience related to the title of this thread (Everlast50 or Hypertherm 45xp).