Easyscriber on AL

Recent project.
Traced in Inkscape with hatchfill
Processed with sheetcam
8 inches tall, .080 AL
1/2 hour to scribe, elapsed/ total time WAY longer
Hypertherm 45xp with machine torch.


Nice job! The scriber attaches directly to the torch? What were your Z and ‘cut speed’ rates?

You have to gut the torch.
The only thing holding the Easyscriber in is the retaining cap.
Nothing else needed.

I have posted screenshots of my setup here

General Info.

  • THC is turned off

  • Negative number in the Cut height (-0.1" works best) for AL
    I have tried -0.1 and -0.15 on HR steel p&o and it only scratches the surface.
    It is spring loaded and no difference in depth so you only have to get past the IHS for it to work.

  • Make sure to choose shortest path in Cut path when setting up Operations in Sheetcam

Hope this helps
Would like to see what others can come up with.


Oh Jeez ArcForce. As if I didn’t have enough toys! That looks amazing! ( Think I’ll have to give myself a present.)

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It looks like you can no longer use negative values for cut height when setting up a plasma tool for scribing in F360. Anybody found a way around these new params i’ve never seen before.

I don’t believe to new value inform the post processor.

I filled them out honestly and was still able to set whichever values I wanted into the NC program menu as normal.

Existing tools will still work without adding this information.


1 hour 35 min total run time to scribe, 10 seconds to cut. LOL
10" tall
Hard to see but I polished with handheld drum tool( I posted file in Fileshare).
The etched areas have almost a mirror finish to it and the other is grained.