Easy way to scribe a lot of text without having to sit and select each letter individually to create cut file?

I got an easyscriber, and I was playing with an idea of scribing a page of text into a piece for a test and for some fun projects I’m thinking of. Just trying to avoid having to select something like 100 individual letters then either have IHS take forever setting for each letter or turn off IHS and end up with a bunch of movement lines also scratched over the text.

Was thinking of trying to find a cursive like font so I could create cuts based on whole words, or also connect the words with a small underscore so I could select an entire paragraph to cut at once. Just not sure how to do that.

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Selection of the text is pretty simple if you use selection of sketch in the CAM process. (If you need/want further advice on this, I would be happy to share). All of the lines will be selected. The part I am not quite sure of what happens when it lifts up and move to the next location. It will need to use IHS to reestablish contact with the metal. There should not be contact when it is moving between contours.

You will want to turn off THC (torch height control) but I don’t think you want to turn off IHS. IHS is only active at the beginning and end of the contour.

In CAM (tool path) you would set your compensation to “center” and eliminate lead-ins and lead-outs. Remove pierce clearance and set lead-in sweep angle to “0”.

Even with the cursive font, CAM will not see that as a continuous contour and is likely to do various parts in an order that might not make sense. You can click on “preserve order” but I have heard others say that this is not always honored.

If I understood you correctly…that is how I would approach it.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks! Yeah, how do i use selection of sketch? Only been able to select contours one at a time when I’m making the cut file in 360.

Here is a previous demonstration of how to pick up the contours from a body and also how to just use the sketch. If you have an example, I can give you a more detailed demonstration. I have not learned how to do the video presentations yet.


Here would be one with just letters. Notice I use a font that has ***.shx. The .shx means that it is single line text. Also note that I did not take the time to delete segments of the text so that the centers would not drop out. One could do that but I just wanted to show you how selecting the sketch is “oh, so slick!!!”

Now I “finish the sketch” and move to "Manufacturing:
After creating my set-up I then go “cutting” to make the toolpath. In toolpath, since I know I will be doing single line lettering, I go straight to the fourth tab to put in “center” for Sideways Compensation.

Then I go back to tab two, where all of the selection of text takes place. I click on the downward triangle in the menu box and another menu opens. At the very bottom is “sketch profiles” Select that.:

Now you go over to the file tree on the left and find your sketch (turn on the eyes if necessary). Click on your sketch.

I did not find it necessary to change any of the default menus that open such as SKETCH PROFILES. Just click OKAY.

Click OK.

The toolpath is completed and you can run the simulation. You will be amazed!
…I hope!!! :woozy_face: :innocent:


Awesome, thank you! Can’t believe I’ve been doing this the hard way this whole time.

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