Duty Cycle Issue I think

For some reason all of the sudden after each individual cut I get the error message “Torch moving before cutting voltage Sensed”. I’ve been cutting with the same setting for 6 months. Haven’t changed a thing. I have to wait between each cut for the plasma cutter duty cycle to reset. Any advice is appreciated.

What is the amps you are running?

What plasma do you have?

How long are you cutting before shuts down like that?

What plasma machine are you using?

And you were running the same cuts previously without running into issues?

RW45 @ 30 amps 70ipm
It does this no matter how big or small the cut

RW45. And yes. Just started out of the blue. No adjustments were made

Not going to be the duty cycle I dare say you should be able to do a 10 min burn without bumping the duty cycle.

How is your consumables?

Duty cycle means if it is 60 percent. Your plasma can actively cut for 6 out of 10 minutes.

If you’ve made no changes and have a different effect,

like @Phillipw asked.
What are the condition of the consumables?

Consumables are new.

I’ve been running a 26 gal air compressor the past 6 months. Do you think I’ve wore it out or would it have anything to do with that?

You could have clapped out a compressor in that amount of time.

Especially if you have a whole bunch of air drying stuff on there and you’re running high static pressure with reduced sized piping.

Are you maintaining air pressure at the inlet of the plasma cutter.

You should have a gauge before the air enters the plasma cutter for reference.

As a compressor starts to fail too it will create a lot more heat which means your air drying stuff will have to reject a lot more sensible heat before it can start working on your latent heat loads.

Does anyone know if the razor weld has a built-in filter element like the hypertherms do?

I don’t have a dryer. My gauge is set at 80psi. Y the end of the cut it has dropped to 20psi

They have a separator pressure regulator combo. Similar to separator on back of hypertherm.

Your air is more than likely your issue.
Should be able to maintain 65 to 70 while cutting.

How do you get the water vapour out of the airstream?

With the pressure drop and lack of moisture removal air volume and quality definitely tops the list.

Water vapor could definitely hurt the inside of your plasma as well as grenade brand new consumables in an instant.

Its not the plasma cutter duty cycle, its waiting for the compressor to build up enough pressure to fire the torch again. 20psi is not enough to fire the torch. You need a constant supply of 50-70psi to keep the torch operating.


Found the reason. Compressor tank had moisture in it. Drained it and it’s cutting perfect now. Thanks guys for your help again.


Have you ever drained the tank before?

How much water came out?

I’m guessing 26 gallons!!! :wink:


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please think about installing some air drying equipment in your system.

there are a lot of benefits to having dry air.

here are a few examples.

longer consumable life

longer equipment life

better cut quality


What is the CFM rating of the compressor you are using?
Looks like the RW45 wants 6 CFM @ 75 psi, for CNC application you will want double that.

If you are on the boundary of the CFM rating you are going to be using hot moist air and even with drying equipment it will be difficult to get the clean dry air you need, and your cut quality and consumable life is going to suffer.

My guess is your compressor is not putting out enough air.