Duty Cycle Issue I think

Do yourself a favor, buy a bigger air compressor with the right requirements to properly run equipment!!!

Not a lot. And yes I’ve drained it before. I’m actually in the middle of upgrading my service to my garage. Right now my panel cannot handle anymore. So I was just tying to bandaid things up until that happens. And yes a dryer is in the upgrade budget.
I’ve got a blasting cabinet that’s also waiting for more power.
I’m getn there boys


If it does not matter how long the cut, then I don’t think its a volume of air issue. You did say your air drops to 20 PSI when its cutting, does this happen as soon as it starts? if so you have a restriction somewhere.

Your compressor is small but they don’t wear out overnight.
Check your hose that you plug into the cutter, maybe put a blow gun on it and see if you get a big drop in air pressure. Were are you seeing the drop in air pressure on the gage of the cutter or was it upstream?
Razor weld has had trouble with there air regulators I believe.

Any water in your tank does take away from capacity, but you said it was not much so I doubt that is it.

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