Dsub Replacement Screws

Building my CF Pro. Notice on bag says remove Dsub (serial connector) thumb screws and replace with small machine screws (included). Those replacement screws are so short it is difficult to get them started. Did I get the wrong length screws or do i need to back out the female side on the electronics enclosure?

You can just shorten the original ones. The problem is that they are too long and push the connector out when you tighten them all the way.

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Took some small nippers to the thumb screws but it damaged the threads on some of them so those won’t start. I’ll take the new ones to the hardware store and see if if I can find some in the correct length.

You maybe able to rob a screw from a VGA cable.

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Looking on Amazon now. Thanks!

I would imagine any thrift or second hand store will have a boatload of them.