Draw Using Basic Shapes

I wrote this App to make a DXF file to import to Sheetcam, Its Called Draw using Shapes.
I tried Fusion 360 but tit was to much learning. The video will show you how to use the App.
Create a DXF for Sheetcam

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Nice! I was hoping LS would put something like this in Firecontrol - in addition to the straight line functionality, but this is cool. Is this something you are letting folks download and play with? Is there a link to download? I’ve also seen something like this in Sheetcam Experimental, but I’m not sure it has as much as what you have here! Thanks for sharing!

This Video show 2 examples, Bolt Circle and Adding Holes to L shape.
Two more examples

You can try these 2 DXF file that were in the Video.
Part Holes.dxf (1.2 KB) PartBC.dxf (1.2 KB)

James there is no download yet still playing around. Here is the DXF from the first Video.
Oblong Slots.dxf (2.3 KB)

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Thanks! That’s some nice work you did there!

Try opening the dxf in Fusion 360, should work.

I changed the Name of the program to Design Using Basic Shapes.
The video will show how to Design a CNC Power Panel.
CNC Power Panel Video

This video shows how to Design 2 parts from one Shape for SheetCam.
Design 2 parts from one Shape video