Does your table sound like this?

My table has always sounded like this:

Just got me wondering if everybody’s table sounds the same. Let me know please!

no. have you greased the lead screws? I might also inspect the bearings.

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Be sure to lube of course. Mine made that noise when the bearings on the torch holder became loose. It makes a slight rattle or hi vibration.

The lead screws have plenty of lube. It makes noises and it isn’t necessarily linked to one particular axis. Sounds like I might actually have a problem. Damn

Hard to say what the issue is from the video, but can you put some water in the water table and see if the issue improves? Sometimes the water table can ring unless there is water in it to dampen.

The screeching noise definetely sounds like lead nut chatter. Try some grease instead of oil.

I will try that tomorrow. If I run a program with a fast long run you don’t hear those sounds. The break-in program sounds smooth it’s the tighter curves and corners that make the sound. I personally think it’s the motors.

Ok, keep us posted. Whatever ends up being the root cause, we will get it fixed for you under warranty.

Kinda sounds like a bearing that’s hung up. Put a sharpie mark on all your bearings perpendicular to the circumference and jog the table one way. After you jog the machine do a visual inspection of the bearings and check if all the markings are in the same rotational position. If they are not then a bearing is stuck like dragging.

I can do that. Some of them do not make contact with the beam and spin freely all the time

Same here. I ran the break in program and slowly rotated the little Allen head set screw until the bearing came in contact with the rail.

My table is an early and I had to reset the bearings tension. Doing so, I discovered the tube is not quite exact from the middle vs the ends. I set it in the middle and when it traveled to either end it would vibrate and humm because it became just a tad loose. Had to find that happy medium with the tension. I can see the tube is wearing heavier in the middle than the ends but that may be just do to where I’m always cutting.

I put snowmobile suspension grease on the screws and the filled the water table to just over the slat holders.

It sounds way better but still has come growl and a little squeak to it. Is it normal sounding now??

That sounds better, but still sounds like something is loose. Can you check the lead screw set screws on each coupler?

I unplugged the Y axis from the machine and ran a program and then unplugged the X axis and ran a program. It seems to be in the Y axis motor. It only makes the noise at a certain speed and you can really feel the vibration with your hand on the motor. I checked all lead screw set screws and they are as tight as I can get them with standard allen wrenches. I checked the motor mounting screws and they are also very tight. I would think it it was bearings that it would make the sound more constantly??? It makes the sound during the break-in program right in the middle of the stroke. Another random tidbit of info, Both motors make a faint hissing noise when the machine is powered on and is sitting idle.

Sorry for the poor video work. My phone did not want to focus on the machine.

Y axis :

X axis

It does growl when the breakin program reaches the center of the travel.

AND… BOTH have to be moving at the same time. When I isolate one axis it doesnt do it.
X axis break-in

Y axis break-in

I just received mine as well and noticed that hissing noise with the motors too, is that normal? Mine sounds exactly like yours at low speeds, rattles and growls and all. Did you get a resolution from @langmuir-daniel yet?

Mine is exactly how the last videos show. It does hiss when sitting idle

Bringing this back up, mine sounds like I am playning Galaga on an arcade machine. The videos above wont load for me so I have no comparrison. Seems to be loud the slower I go. I have the ran the break in program a few times and dry ran my prorgram. My garage is fairly quiet so it seems really loud. Just curious if this is what the machine is supposed to sound like? I have loosened my lead screws and then tightened them back up a little looser than before for any bowing in the tubes.
Is there any grease that I should put on my screws?

3in1 machine oil or sewing machine oil…
Just to make sure…you can always undo the lead screws and double check all gantry parts roll with ease and you are not binding anywhere…