Squealing Y Axis

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure if this was the same issue as Does your table sound like this? so I’m making a new thread. Apologies if it is the same issue.

My Y axis just started squeaking and it’s gotten worse quickly. Video here:

Just yesterday I oiled the lead screws, and the screws holding the lead screws to their couplers are tight as well.

I’m guessing it has something to do with the bearings? Some of them don’t seem to be spinning.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue and am looking for some help. Thank you!

Can you get an idea of where the noise is coming from specifically? Does it seem like it’s coming from the carriage?

Can you disconnect the lead nut and hand cycle the carriage to see if the noise still persists?

Mine made a similar noise but not that consistently. I put all temp white axle grease on the lead screws and it fixed it.

Danny, Bricklef, Thank you for your quick responses. I am always super impressed at how responsive everyone is on here.

I detached the lead nut from the carriage and it seems like the issue is the plastic piece connected to the lead nut. It was making a decent amount of noise. The carriage seemed to slide easily and without sound, but I wasn’t able to move it too far either direction with the lead nut in the way. So the plastic piece definitely seems most suspect at this point.

I’ll try the axle grease and see what happens, but if there’s anything else that could be an issue I’m all ears.

Thanks again!

I used white lithium grease and it’s sounding good so far. It took a couple of rounds since I snuck up on the amount of grease and didn’t just want to glob it on there.

Thanks again!

I also have heard a squealing sound when the carriages are moving. I cleaned the black marks off both gantry tubes and the sound was reduced. I think it is the bearings running over dust and dirt on the tubes. I also notice that both lead screws are getting black in the area with the most travel. I’m planning to clean the lead screws and lubricate with dry-slide or some other lube that won’t attract dust.