Do Not Laugh at Me, IR5?


I just purchased this machine and some goggles. Are IR5 type goggles good enough for brazing and/or Plasma Cutting w/ a plasma cutter?

I noticed that one of the goggles I purchased was IR5 for brazing while another type stated good for welding.

From the pros here, what type of goggles are you recommending for plasma cutting?


P.S. I am a lacky. I outsource for my welding for now and just purchased the table from Langmuir Systems. I purchased, what I hope will work outside of what was recommended, a plasma cutter w/ some consumables for testing too. Anyway, if there are different specs of goggles that I should be aware of currently that can handle plasma cutting and if it differs from welding googles, please jump in…

I have been reading “some.” I found this site online: Understanding the Differences Between Welding Glasses Shades - Phillips Safety Blog .


P.S. It seems that plasma related ideas and infrared cutting light may differ a bit. I will get on this idea soon.

No laughing, no worries.

I just wear clear glasses because I don’t stare at my torch as it cuts.

Normally I used to use disposable Milwaukee Z87.1+ rated glasses but since my friend got me some Heatwaves I use those instead

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Thank you First Off,

Secondly, w/ the influx of marketing online and easy-to-purchase AI systems bogging down on my searching online…

  1. I have found that not watching may be a cure for my woe
  2. IR5 may be a bit low on the spectrum for 40 to 60A of plasma cutting while watching
  3. My glasses/goggles are rated at IR5 light spectrums

So, I got the fiberglass matting and I will cut soon. I am just researching ideas and making sure I do not burn down the ole house here…

My eyes matter too!


P.S. Would you say, @Kwikfab , that you cover the entire area w/ the fiberglass matting and then cut?

Here is what I decided to get…

What area exactly?

The area below my table? If so, then no. My garage is half a work shop and water splashing is the least of my concerns.

Unless you are running without a water table and then I can understand why you’re asking.

I’ve been running my plasma cutter for over a year before I ever got my cnc table and all I ever laid down below was a sheet of galvanized steel I specifically kept around for catching dross. I did this because I was cutting about 2’ off the ground however a CNC table is another foot above that so you would only be dealing with metal dust on the ground. A mat would suck to clean up as I’ve used those mats before when cutting or welding close to paint or flammable objects.

Old pic of me cutting up my rear frame; fiberglass mat against the vehicle and galvanized sheet on the ground -

How I used to cut things before with a hand torch; you can see the accumulation of all the metal dust -

Crazy how cnc has become so affordable; I was making my own bumpers out of cardboard pieces I’d mock up myself and cut via hand torch


That last photo is nice…

Not bad at all…


P.S. Yea, I was actually just testing on what others have done… I was thinking b/c of the molten metal sparking, I would need a good area of whatever * whatever to handle the extra molten metal parts spewing off. I got this fiberglass blanket to handle garage stuff.

For instance, I do not want extra spewed waste of molten metal attaching itself to particular garage parts, e.g. wiring, stucco, and/or other parts.

You didn’t answer; do you have a water table or not?

Even without a water table, there is no molting metal spewing about.

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I think that might have been due to you burying the lede…so to speak :crazy_face:

I have a habit of doing that.

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I have one. I have a water table. And oh, no molten metal. Nice!


P.S. Not installed. I did not want to install one just yet.

These are the goggles I use when I intend to stare at the cutting process. That is what is recommended IR5. So you are correct.

Yeah this isn’t oxyfuel running bevels on 1" thick steel; it’s much cleaner than that.

Just creates a lot of dust that’ll be captured in your water table and with that said, you’ll just get water splashing up.

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Hello @ChelanJim ,

I was reading ideas on this subject if I planned on looking over the work piece as it cuts and having protection.

I think some chart I read over stated that IR6 was needed for 40 to 60A on a plasma cutter but other sites say something similar or different. This is why that generative AI stuff is garbage for now.

I look up something and a bunch of purchasing options show up instead of good, ole theory and knowledge. Anyway, thank you for the info. I will keep researching the ideas around this goggles thing.


P.S. @Kwikfab , I will get to the water table sooner than later most likely if things are collecting on my prized possessions! I have this older model laser that I am building “from scratch” to rebuild it and have it working. It was neat to have photos engraved on wood and to cut acrylic was nice.

Now, that I have been w/out the build process, outside of programming and other ideas, I need to configure things to do when not mowing grass.

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It is always good to be safe so I would not quibble over using IR6 but I find it hard enough to see what I am trying to see with the IR5 that I am not likely to make that change. Of course, my unit is limited to 45 amps.

Another topic to be aware is you will see it discussed from time to time that we do not really know what types of atomized water vapor/metal dust/microbes that the plasma stream is putting in the air. If you do not have adequate ventilation, you should consider a P-95 or P-100 mask. The “P” means that it is effective against oil vapor, more so than the N-95. And you will find that they are much more expensive.

Here is a very comfortable one that I got and it is rated as one that you can wear with a welding hood.

They take either type of filter:

But this is the one I use:

I found that the knock off P-100 are nearly impossible to breath thru. I now use the P-95, 3M brand.


And yes sir,

You are right. Caution means caution. Metal particles hurt the lungs like any other foreign matter. Anyway, being cautious and living a bit longer and still having fun means more and more as time goes on.

I got some older models that I may need to get out and use for this particular instance of plasma cutting.

I have two, separate masks for when I was trying to not breathe metal a while back. Paint is that way too. Too foreign for my lungs, anyway.


P.S. I will test the IR5 glasses/goggles and get back to this post (hopefully). UV is a bite in the ole keister. From Sun to plasma, UV kills. I remember my old neighbor. He was unhealthy to say the least, for probably a good reason, and he just dropped dead one day. Far from me to say that it was due to cleanliness of metal workings but…

  1. His shop vacuum was full of metal and filth from before I met him
  2. Never did he clean up
  3. Doing everything for oneself and then helping others takes a toll

I think the fellow just gave up on tidiness and w/ keeping up neat workings, that lack there of cleanliness beat him. He had some good pointers for me, which ended too soon, that led me on a path to make more, clean more often, and still have fun…

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Another option for masks, as this one fits perfectly under my welding hood


Thank you guys,

I appreciate the quick replies and education on this subject. I think I have a 3M mask somewhere and another one that handles small particles like metal dust.


P.S. By the way, smart move on the lung protection! It is never too needed to not be safe.

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Oh for sure, it’s why I said ‘no laughing here’

I only work from home in my garage, and even there I always wear leather work boots (with carbon fiber toe), always have eyepro on, earpro when the air compressor runs (I’m deaf in one side already), and gloves whenever handling anything.

I have multiple spares of everything as back ups, and to lend out to those coming into my garage. Even have multiple welding hoods (3 of them).

Young generation would think it’s a ‘dork move’ to wear personal protective equipment; I value keeping myself healthy and intact versus looking cool although I do wear a bandana so maybe I can be kinda cool :rofl:

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