Do I need sheetcam ? To start?

I am looking at a crossfire pro… To start to do projects do I need sheetcam and fusion360 kind of confused on it all ? Help ?

Sheet cam and fusion generate the g-code that the machine understands. So you only need one of them.
Sheet cam being my choice of tools.

In fusion you can design parts, sheet cam you can’t (although there is now a basic shape library). If you want to do art stuff there is many free programs where you can generate a dxf or drawing file that you import into sheet cam or fusion.

If your doing machine parts where there are many dimensions or parts need bent or even make an assembly to test fit. Fusion will do this. I’m lucky enough to have solidworks with my job so that’s my choice of tool along with sheet cam. There is other programs that will do this depending how complex you want to get.

So really comes down to what you plan to make.

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Hi David, Everything that Craig1 said is correct but to give you a clearer picture there are 3 programs you will need to complete a cut.
1st - is a CAD software for drawing your own
part/art or you can import one and edit.
2nd - is a CAM software for importing your CAD
file for creating the tool paths and
generating the G-code.
3rd - is a software for loading the G-code and
controlling your CrossFire table. For the
original 1st generation CrossFire uses Mach 3. The 2rd generation and beyond uses