Did your torch stop firing?

Hey just thought I’d throw out an item to check if your torch stops firing - and you checked all the other things, don’t forget to check the fuse in your plasma rig !

Now, begs the question why did the fuse blow…

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ooooo…I have no idea…but I would like to hear options…
power surge…
pushed beyond duty cycle…
weak fuse…

It has never blown before, and I am guessing that fuse is at least 4 years old.
The last cuts were short enough my compressor never came on, so doubting duty cycle ?? let’s call it 2 minutes tops.

Maybe fuse was just tired, like me.

Anyway, I failed to check it and spent an hour checking everything else so thought it might save someone an hour or three.


at least I don’t remember compressor coming on… long day, lots of noise.

what plasma are you running?
you did post something about a Everlast 50s

it is an Everlast PP 50S yes

dual voltage…are you running it on 120 or 220?

And fuses just like circuit breakers can get weaker over time and wifh each cycle the current carrying capacity is reduced ever so slightly ungil one day poof they give up. We had a fire truck shutdown at a fire one day, talk about a scary few minutes when you lose an engine…but then we couod get it to do it again which is unnerving when fighting a fire. I guess a month or so later it shutdown again during pump tesging and was able to put all the pieces together to solve it. 10 amp breaker for computer was getting weak and tripped as was a hot day like the day of the fire. Replaced and ran test again and never had any issues. So anything carrying current has a finite life a lot of times.

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were is the fuse located

@bbaley Yes please tell what fuse blew and what was the circuit it was protecting? (this was inside the plasma cutter itself correct?

Just took my razor 45 apart there are no fuses in there

There are no fuses for the Razorweld 45. What is your problem?

torch wont fire on the machine or manual

was following the advice from the top of the thread

Check the consumables and make sure they are all good. Then check the plunger in the torch. put the swirl ring in then the electrode, the electrode should push in and spring back. Also you need to make sure you have 100 to 120 psi to the plasma cutter and the plasma cutter set at 75 psi. You also may want to remove the torch and reinstall it making sure its seated all the way in.

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ok was working have had this for a year with all the ups and downs
changed the consumables this morning put the torch back on the z access and started the job. there is spring in the electrode changed every thing but the plastic swirl ring . I read on another part of the form that you can over tighten the torch in the z access holder is that true

Yes that is very true.

If its a hand torch and you are clamping to the retaining cup it will make it oblong causing trouble.

yes mine is the hand touch

You also need to check that the electrode is very free in the swirl ring or it will jam up.

Ok I am starting this question over again ?( I have used this machine for over a year no problems but the usual)
This all started Friday morning I started the day with changing the consumables( everything moves in the swirl ring I can see the electrode at the end of the final cup). then started the cut job and the torch moved to the first Pierce the air come on and nothing . checked every thing I replaced checked my ground still nothing ,moved the touch on the cnc z access so it will not pinch the retaining cup did a voltage test go 0 in the test and the torch test was a no fire in the second part of the test .
I am thinking something is broken some were but not sure