Did firmware update and now THC & Height control greyed out

Just did the firmware update and these two options are now greyed out.
What are some soutions?

Just responded to your Support message. Its likely you flashed the MCB chip instead of the THC chip when you were doing the update. Instructions sent!

Looks like I have the same issue as handyweldingco. Started cutting worked fine on 1st part,then next part cut fine about half way then the x-axis jumped down about 2in and continued to cut into the area that was already cut,checked all settings and everything looked good tried a different part same then tried both parts again and same result.Researched the forum done everything i could fine,all grounding checks out ,power supply’s good,different usb cable,downloaded all software,fire control and all updates.Now it does not reconize the THC and I can not move any off the stepper motors.The lights flash as I update or try to move the stepper motors. Could use some ideas anybody seen this.Here are shot of thelaptop and control box.IMG_3396

Just wanted to follow up and make sure you got sorted out!

we got ours sorted thanks

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@handyweldingco is there anyway you could post those instructions here so others can have access to them?

we had a IT guy fix it, will see if he can explain it here.

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Did you miss this part of their instructions?

Yes, IT helped and have it going again. Thanks

I’m a couple years late on this, but I just had this same issue. Any chance I could receive these same instructions? My part was cutting fine but did the software upgrade and the THC is now greyed out.