Development for 4th axis

I read on the website that 4th axis was possible/ in the works. Is this being developed? if so, when might it be available?


A month has gone by. 350+ views about 4th axis topic if you include the more recent thread.
Clearly there’s interest, why is everyone so reluctant to talk about it?

What can be done with a 4th axis? Will Fusion 360 work the same on the MR1?

4 Axis Machining in Fusion 360 with the Tormach microARC 4!

The device used in the video is $3K. Not really a budget item as accessories go so I’ve been looking into alternatives.

If video link not working correctly search YouTube for Simultaneous 4 Axis Machining

Hard to contemplate this when no one has seen the machine yet. Questions:
Can cut control handle a 4 Axis?
Is there enough room inside enclosure?

They have also hinted that one is in the works. Plug and play would be be my way to go.


We pretty much know how much room there is. The work area was stated to be 31” x 37” x I’m guessing at least 6” in height. 4th axis devices and tail stocks come in all different shapes and sizes but they all must be mounted to something. So what I think limits the MR-1 the most is the 20 x 20 table.

Sure you can build a plate that extends beyond the table but how thick would it need to be for sufficient strength and how much would that cost? Wouldn’t it be better to anchor additional plate(s) outside the table plate in the concrete for strength and make better use of the workspace?

I usually see a 4th axis mounted on the X plane but in our case there’s more room on the Y plane. So in order to maximize space I’m considering an unconventional location.


Thats what i want to know can the controller handle 4th axis . Would like to look into moiying the machine with a 4th axis if the controller will handle it.

From what I understand. Langmuir has a 4th axis in the works. Fusion 360 can handle the 4th axis without a problem. You may need to buy a fusion extension to get use of the 4th axis.

It would be nice to see how its foing to mount prior to assembling my machine. Think im on schedule for october. Have some mods in mind already

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@Lenness care to elaborate?

Bigest thing is extra z height. Was watching the assembly videos think its possible to gain a few inches of z and retain rigidity. Building my own cooling system multiple coolant nozzles have to make sure the return is big enough to return the coolant. But if we can put a 4th axis in it id like to figure for it

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F 360 can be used for a 4th and 5th axis.

I haven’t read anything new from LS since my deposit.

The table size is too small for my needs so I will be designing a plate of my own. Likely I will be adding some spacers under the corner 3 x 3 uprights that support the rail plates before the concrete gets poured.

For additional Z height I’d like to make a couple lifts for this area.

I’m concerned with the drains for the same reason. The tubing and brass outlets look tiny.

Just curious, has there been any further development on the 4th axis?

No updates. I believe that it is in the works. Maybe Mike or Daniel could throw us a bone?

There is no visible support on the controller board for a 4th axis, the controller seems to only support 4 stepper drivers. Maybe they’ll include a new board in the upgrade.

Fusion 360 gets spendy when you get a 4th axis, so I haven’t hooked the one that I have up yet. I’m using LinuxCNC instead of CutControl and my control board does have one free stepper port.

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Still no word and the website hasn’t been updated as of yet.