Design question - lines touching

If I want to cut two parts next to each other, is there any issue with placing them so the cut lines are touching or sharing the same cut or do I need to offset them? Hope that’s clear. Thanks

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This can be done but you would have to calculate the loss of half your kerf width on either part if you wanted to be dimensionally accurate.

Also plasma leaves a good side of a cut and a bad side of a cut so one your parts will be left with the bad side of the cut.


@wferguson has made some parts like this . He may have some words of wisdom for you.

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I started out trying to cut my prodcut out of one piece of metal and wanting to keep the raw edge…but could never get things centered up right, so now i do cut down the middle of my material which leaves an edge for both pieces i want to cut…so they do end up having bevels of differing angles yes, but it saves me on material and i just build tracptr implements anyways…so not that big of a deal.

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