Design Measurements Change when Preparing to Cut

That turned out very very nice. Congratulations to all involved!


Neal, you honor your previous teacher, your student, those of us who help here on the Langmuir forum and above all, you are true to your convictions as a teacher. It was said earlier by someone that you are an exceptional individual and have earned praise from all of us for this effort.

Thank you for sharing this end-product with us. Tell your student that when I got my Langmuir Pro table and was trying to learn the software, in my 60’s, I was nearly brought to tears multiple times…so I know ‘where he was during those times of nearly quitting the project.’

It is the adversities that we overcome that strengthen and benefit us for the things we need to do in the future.


Is he by any chance related to Otto Rohwedder the inventor of the automatic bread slicing machine?


jamesdhatch, He said very distantly, but yes.

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The true inventive genius of the last century. Hard to find anyone who was not affected by his invention. :smile: