Delivery or bust

I’m a little concerned. I hate to buy anything on the internet but find more often than not that I have no choice. Anyways, I sent an email asking about an approximate shipping date and have not received anything back which really throws my anxiety to level 10. Can anyone shed some light about delivery before I panic any further.

It’s takes a while. You’ll get it.

you have no idea how long some of us who pre-ordered the table had to wait.
Langmuir works as fast as they can…if the website says shipping in June…then sometime in June…maybe earlier…you will get an email with the shipping and tracking information.

do not expect any shipping information until it goes out the door…

when did you place the order?

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I pre ordered the first week of July 07 2020 for a September 2020 delivery.

I was informed in august 2020 that a part shortage would move the back order date to October 2020.

It shipped from Langmuir later November 2020.

international shipping to Canada was about 7-10days.

The first box showed up a week later at my house in Canada November 25, 2020.

Next box November 27, 2020

Final Box December 2, 2020

We assemble the machine December 7 & 8 2020.

When we did assemble our machine, we were missing bag 21 the 3/4 screws with insulated washers and 1- 2 in tube cap. Contacted Langmuir December 8 2020 for the missing parts.

December 13, 2020 was our first cuts.

Those part ship December 9th and arrived January 14th, 2021. (Christmas international ship was the stall here)

So only 159 Days from the date of purchase to cutting.
(the international shipping cause about 7 of these days)

And Only 191 Days to have all my missing piece too.
(the international shipping/ Christmas caused about 30 days here)

Even with the delays it was worth it for us.

They have done a great job with coming up with this machine on a budget.

The next pricing jump to anything that is comparable is 5 to 10X.

I had a few technical glitches with axis HIS ring connector being loose which led to some other issues but Langmuir did help me out even though I was being a huge dick by email.

Thanks Langmuir!

I am sure their led times have improved.
Just buy it! No regrets.


amazing timeline details…well done!

I ordered my crossfire pro for a July 2021 delivery date I received all boxes as ordered including THC and other accessories in July with the exception of Box#1 the frame.
Still waiting on it it is August 16th 2021 at the time of this post.
I asked Langmuir about this delay and just get a canned response (we are working on it and will ship when we get it) basically.
So I got a bunch of good looking parts that I can’t do anything with.
Reading other responses it seem to trend like this you will get your stuff don’t expect it on time.

welcome to the forum…
Langmuir is an amazing company and has sold so many machines…and most of it through a global pandemic.
if you believe the pandemic or not, it did create a major global slowdown.
the USA may be back ito a faster recovery than a lot of countries…but you need to think on a global scale…shipping worldwide is still trying to catch-up…
if you wanted a faster timeline you should have paid $10,000 and bought a made in the USA unit…oh wait…most parts from those units come from off shore also…just like the ten’s of thousands of cars waiting for chips from off shore.

July delivery…just into the 2nd week of August…not too late…hold on.

I feel it’s a great product at a great price based on what I have seen delivered so far. I ordered this during the pandemic its not like they are not aware of delays to commit.
I’m simply informing people what to expect or not to expect.

I ordered the crossfire, watertable, XL kit and Razor 45 in July 16, 2021. I ordered the IHC and Z axis Kit 8/10/2021. I received the XL kit, water table and Crossfire first week of August, got the Z-Axis IHC kit today!!! All I’m waiting for now is the Razor 45!!!

Update = no change still waiting for box 1 which is the frame for my crossfire pro. This is supposed to have been delivered in July.
Still nothing to build so frustrating.

Fingers crossed our box 1s ship out this week.

July delivery last box been waiting for should be delivered Today.
This is September 14th .
Will be busy putting it together
Happy cutting

I ordered mine at about the same time as you, (Might have even been mid June), and I just got my frame yesterday. Might be a sign for others that stuff is slowly catching up! No cut 45 yet but last they said to me, their shipment is hopefully coming late this month.

My air compressor from Hausfeld will show up latest, believe it or not. Lol. This supply stuff is hitting every company. In fact, the compressor I ordered has already jump up in price during my backorder. Around $100! Luckily I’m locked in, but shows how slow it is for everything

Ordered April 8th. Just I got my plasma cutter today. Can anyone tell me the best software to download? I want to design my own signs and artwork. Thanks.

I use inkscape for all my signs and art work…lots of videos and easy to use
then i use sheetcam (purchased) for my post processing…

simple and easy