Damage prevention from freezing coolant

Hello. Last year I set up my mr1 but have only started using flood coolant recently since it has warmed up. I am worried about coolant seeping through the base plate and also the area under the y axis rails where epoxy likely didn’t reach.

I have noticed bubbles coming from between the baseplates meaning coolant is getting in. I have also noticed a pool underneath the y axis rails. My shop is not heated and coolant in my spray bottle did become slushy last winter even though the temperature was mostly mild. In hindsight I should have sealed these areas better but water is already present.

Has anyone else had issues with concrete cracking in this machine or the baseplates shifting due to freezing water? I want to be prepared for next winter and am exploring heating pads and tape. I haven’t purchased these yet and I’m wondering if it will be enough to heat the concrete in the chip tray. Im not sure how deep into the concrete liquid has seeped either. I’m not worried about the flood system it’s self as I won’t be flooding in the winter.

Oil pan heater if you’re worried about it.
ABN Silicone Heater Pad Car Battery Heater Pad Engine Block Heater Pad Oil Pan Heater Pad, 4x5 Inch – 120V 250 Watt Amazon.com
I heat an entire tank of 50 gallons of hydraulic oil on a large mobile crane all winter with one of those 250w pads stuck to the bottom. Now, here in Tennessee, it never gets below 10° or so, except last winter. They make larger ones up to 1000w.


Stick on aquarium heating pads for reptiles on the bottom of the machine will also work if your temperatures don’t get TOO cold.

I would also recommend moving your machine into the living room, it makes it easier to work in CAD while the machine wizzs away next to you.


This one is 250 watts and will stick to the bottom of the unit. Once the concrete gets warm, it will radiate heat all winter. $25, you could do the same thing with a 50-watt on the coolant tank. Or use a fish tank heater like Mr Dre said

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Thank you guys! I will have to look into those for the winter. Seems like an easy enough solution. I wish I could move the machine into the living room as machining is living life at its fullest to me lol. My family would love the chips. Instead last winter I was out there in my shed wearing multiple jackets so my core would stay warm enough to get blood to my fingers to type.