Cutting without lead in or out

I know I saw a video on how to do this, but now I can’t find it.

I’m cutting out inner and outer panels that will be door(s) for the firebox of my smoker. In the file, the smaller rectangle is the inner box front, the larger rectangle is the outer box front, and the door has to be EXACTLY in the same place on both door frames.

When I cut the actual door out of the front frame, there is no waste. the outside is the frame, the inside is the door. I need to just cut the line (left, right or center doesn’t matter as long as both are the same) without lead in or lead out.

What’s the best way to achieve this?

The top is on now, I did finally get the intersection curve of the top and propane tank good enough to work.

outer box front door v5.f3d (150.0 KB)

Not sure what CAM program you are using but you should be able to just turn leads off or set them to zero

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If you’re using Fusion, make sure to also set pierce clearance to zero.

I’m using Fusion. Don’t you also have to set it to overlap a little, since the first bit it’s not going to have cut through?

No. The pierce delay is what let’s it sit in one spot and pierce before moving.

this is how i do straight line relief cuts. no lead out. once you do it make sure you simulate to ensure there is no tail and its going to be straight.