Cutting unbounded interior lines

Can this be programmed in fusion 360 to be cut on Crossfire Pro?

I want my Crossfire to first cut the three interior lines and then the entire outside. The interior will eventually be a bent tab. How do I go about this?

Sure. You’ll use a no-offset cut (on the line) for the tab so if the dimensions of the tab are critical you’ll have to adjust the size by the kerf.

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Like @jamesdhatch said and use two separate cut paths.

Where and how do I go about setting the parameters for a no-offset cut? In the sketch? In the manufacturing 2d cutting profile? I’ve looked around Fusion and not seen how this is done. If you find any links showing the steps, please pass along.

In the 2d cutting profile under the passes tab select sideways compensation and set it to center.
Also when cutting a single line get rid of lead in and lead out and set pierce clearance to zero.

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