Cutting sharper corners on thick material

Does firecontrol automatically slow the torch down on certain size radii to let the bottom of the arc catch up? It would be very helpful for cutting sharper corners on thick material. Or does anyone know of a way to do it when creating tool paths? I have been using fusion.

No, fire control doesn’t slow the torch down.

I use sheet cam for creating tool paths and you can set the speed of the torch especially small holes and corners

I’ve seen where you can do a loop at the corner by going past the corner making a loop so you are now cutting straight into the corner instead of making a 90° turn. I’ve never done it so I can’t tell you how well it works.

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you can do that also in sheet cam

I quit using fusion but I’m sure there is an option. In sheetcam you can create what is called Path rules. Example, for circles under .5" you can slow the cuts down by any percentage you want. There are some options for for corners within sheetcam, they call it looping corners.