Cutting problems

as I started to set up a design I went step by step with the videos and when I uploaded it to the software to be cut it started fine then went to cut random circles and get stuck on certain lines and continue to cut the same line any help would be apricated.

Gonna need a little more info than that… how about some pics of your toolpath, and the results…

I have a similar problem on one of mine. Everything looked ok until importing it into mach3. Then for some reason the toolpath has gigantic circles around the whole part… strange.

I’ll upload a screen shot when I get a min

that’s the same thing mine did but it will not even show anything on the tool path I started cutting the f bomb bottle opener it started fine then went to cut huge circles instead of finishing the part also tried another design and it started cutting circles and got stuck on the same line.

This sounds to me like a coordinate system issue. I am betting that the Z axis is not oriented properly.

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sounds like its cutting the part of the path that is supposed to avoid tip ups.

@langmuir-daniel or that heh

Ok… you’ll have to translate that daniel… some if us are knuckle-draggers

In CAM you have to not only set the center of origin, but you have to tell it which direction is up (+Z), which direction is forward (+Y), and which direction is to the right (+X) . Based on the info here, it sounds like Z is currently oriented either forward or to the right. If you post your G code I can take a look.

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Ok I’m at work at the moment Daniel but I’ll do that when I get a sec

it won’t let me upload the g code but there saving them to this file C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Fusion 360 CAM\nc I went step by step with the fusion bottle opener and when I put it into mach3 and started to cut it instead of cutting the rectangle it cut a 8in circle every thing I’ve programed it will start then go to start cutting a circle and getting stuck on a certain line

Here’s my toolpath

I can’t figure out how to upload the G-code

trace, did you figure yours out?

in the reply box here, you see the little up arrow with the rectangle attached to it? click that and upload the g-code file or your fusion file

I tried that…it won’t upload a .tap file or a .txt file so I’m at a loss

Just copy and paste the text from the gcode file, you can open it in notebook, copy, then paste here as a reply…

If you rename the file by adding .dxf to the end you can upload.

yes I did last night mine was in the fusion 360 when I downloaded the mach3 fusion post I installed it in the wrong folder

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I don’t know if I’m just stupid or what…but I can’t seem to change the file extension