Cutting Issue on Inside cuts

I am having trouble getting clean cuts on square/rectangle/circular cuts. It always seems to have a problem at the end of that cut as the picture shows, can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

looks like lead-in and lead-out issues…and maybe a little bit of pierce delay to long
go to you post processor and add lead-in for inside cuts

Use arc lead-in/lead-outs to avoid the pierce location deforming an edge. Slow down inside cuts. If using Sheetcam, you can make path rules for slower cutting of inside holes, corners and curves. If using another processor then the same idea can be applied.

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Thanks All for the input I will try all recommendations.

I am using Sheet Cam, I didn’t notice on sheet cam that I can slow down on corners and curves. I will investigate the path rules.

Look on youtube for a path rule tutorial in Sheetcam. It was not intuitive to me, but a step by step helped. Once you make one or more interior cutting path rules, they are saved and can be used by just a click away. Path rules also help on perimeter cuts too for sharp corners.