Cutting HVAC Ductwork primary use

Does anyone currently use one of these machines for HVAC Ductwork? We are looking for entry level into building (small company) our Ductwork with one of these and I’m looking for first software that will have templates so I don’t spend more time building on the computer that it would take to make in the shop. then second were looking for a compatible machine to that software. my biggest fear is buying a table that wont allow the software to run on it. and having a paperweight.

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I’ve cut a little bit of galvanized on my pro but I do plan on buying an XR almost exclusively for cutting out duct work.

The only thing that’s keeping me from buying an XR right now is the crazy shipping cost and the difference in exchange rate. Which is up almost 10 cents from last year.

And there is lots of different software for common sheet metal fittings that produces DXF files.