Cutting background?

Is there a simple way to cut a solid background same size as a sign? I’m using inkscape, and sheetcam.

If you’re using Sheetcam, use the edit contours tool and move the outer perimeter cut loop to another layer. Then set up an operation to cut just that layer. As long as the sign has a solid outline, this will leave you with a cut that matches the outline of the sign, without any of the interior cuts.

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Select the edit contours tool. Right click on the outline. Select move to layer- new layer. Name that layer something like “outline”. Set up a jet cutting operation and select the layer that you created. As long as you don’t set up an operation for the other layer, it will just cut the outline.

Another option is to do this in Inkscape by duplicating your sign and then deleting everything but the outline on the the duplicate.

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