Cutting a single line

Is there any way to program to tool path to a single line? What I’ve been doing is trying to create a very thin offset to do something similar but there are times that it would work better with a single line.

Sorry I’m advance in case this has been asked before

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Similar thread but has to do with text, I just draw a single line and as long as you select it in the cut it will lead in just like the other cuts, then it can be bent and welded to your liking.

Meaning select in the cam section correct?


When you are selecting your cuts in the contour selection. You can select just a single line.


When doing a single line you I would make sure you do not use lead in or lead out and pierce clearance is set to 0. This will give you a straight line.

Is it possible to do that just on the straight lines while the rest stays with lead in/outs?

Yes. You will need to create 2 separate tool paths.

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sorry to rehash an old thread but does this cut exactly on the line or always to one side or the other?

should cut directly on the line if you don’t specify lead in/out.

I believe you have to select center instead of left/right compensation

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