Cutting 1/2 inch mild Steel Hyptherm 45 issues (Solved - cut settings and burned out nozzle)

New to the world of plasma cutting, but got into it for my escape room business so we can build more durable props. We have been cutting thinner 18 gauge steel with little issues other than getting used to the program. But when it comes to the 1/2 steel we haven’t be able to make even a full cut through.

I have tried everything I could think of from pierce delay to Psi and nothing seems to make it any better.

Right now I am using the Settings from the Hyptherm 45 manual.
Cut Height - 0.06
Initial Pierce Height - 0.15
Pierce delay - 1 sec
Cut Speed - 18ipm
AMPS - 45
PSI - 90 (I have tried from the lowest of 60)

I have attached a picture of the holes that we are getting. and how much dross we are getting on top which seems rather excessive. This may be because we aren’t making it through the whole way?

If anyone has any thoughts they would be greatly appreciated.

Increase your pierce time to 1.3. Air pressure 75 psi.
Forty-five amps is the lowest amp setting that I would consider. The 60 amp that is required is not obtainable in your case. Make sure your work clamp is attached to the metal. All the other settings are good. Make sure you change those consumables before you try this again.


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Pierce height .18

Pierce delay 1.5

Plunge rate 60ipm or less

cutting speed 12ipm

and everything @bigdaddy said


Thank you so much. Made the changes and check the consumables and of course the nozzle was damaged but have been from one of the initial bad cuts. Lessons learned, and cutting beautifully.


You mean you solved it before I got on board! That is great and you had two of Langmuir forum finest helping. No wonder it is already resolved.

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