Cutter Compensation

Hey all,
I’m coming from mostly HAAS machines and there’s something about the MR-1 that I’m not understanding. I just ran a very simple program to machine an aluminum block to 2.000" x 3.750" x .75". the part came out to 2.021" x 3.771". On a HAAS (or any other industrial machine I’ve used) I would go into the tool comp page and comp my tool -.0105. I would then rerun my finish contour pass and the part would be within spec.

I’d appreciate some advice here on how to comp a tool or otherwise put this part into spec.
Thank you,

do your ball screw compensation. for cutter comp you may have to repost.


Definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea to check your ball screw comp in the software.
But with it being oversized the same amount in both X and Y axis I’d lean toward the tool is a bit undersized. As of yet we don’t have cutter comp in the control, but maybe in some future update it will be added. So your best course of action is to edit the program to compensate for now.
Not having comp is a major pain when working a thread mill out to size too.

Thanks to both of you. I did the ball screw comp and the x was spot on w the y being .006 out over 10". Now adjusted for and going to cut again and try.
BUMMER on the no cutter comp - first thing i was thinking was about thread milling. Hoping its included in the upcoming software release.