Cutouts in curved sheet metal bodies . Tin, im really sorry (SOLVED)

i hate to keep bothering but here i am again.
your directions are easy for me to follow and i truly appreciate your help and advice.
my plan was to modify my flat pattrern, use the combine function, and use the body as a tool to create notches.
when making changes to the pattern, it isnt updating on the body.
can you kindly explain what im doing wrong?
ill attatch the file and a screenshot.

rear plate chevy complete face and parts v1.f3d (2.8 MB)

Im not TIN… just trying to follow along and learn with you. Are you trying to modify(add the notches) from the 1st body to the second body?

yes. im attempting to cut the face body with the other body. but i added my features to the body in the “flat pattern” workspace, and they arent transferring over.

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The combine tool when you open the menu has options for using it to cut.

I’ll have to look at this all a little bit more in depth when I get back to the computer I’m on site for several more hours.

And don’t be sorry I’m happy to help.

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There are a couple of options I have used you can try but Tin is definitely the man.

1 create a sketch on the face of the body you are wanting to modify. then extrude the notch through the body using the cut extrude function.


you can export the flat pattern to a dxf and modify it there.

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and tin beat me to it LOL

yes i know how to combine to cut. but i edited my flat patern and its not updating the body lol

i cant create a sketch on the body because its an arc.

Your flat pattern wont change the body, the flat pattern is dependent on the body.

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okay, how can i sketch on the body? ive tried saving the pattern as a dxf and projecting it. not having luck

Is adding the notches the last thing you need to do?

You haven’t been able to export the flat pattern to a dxf or you aren’t able to make the changes to the flat pattern after exporting to dxf?

I will have to look at your file when I can get on fusion. Or if you are lucky maybe Tin will get to it before I do!

i typically use the bent body to cut the releifs in the face body to avoid any mistakes i could portentially make

i can load the dxf of the flat pattern sketch, i attempted to project it onto the sheet metal body. without sucess

If those are bend relief notches you can have fusion add those automatically by changing your sheet metal rules. There is and option for round or square like you have.

no. thats not what its for

Use the unfold tool instead.

i dont have a flat surface! lol this is hilarious

I am still trying to lean the project thing too. I tried using it to project single line bend relief lines projected from my bend center lines but every time I went to create a cut path it was giving me errors because of a difference in cut height or something.

After working at that for a while I decided to try the export flat pattern to dxf route. The flat pattern dxf only has lines no body so it is easy to add the notches/bend relief lines there. After you have added the notches you can extrude again and create another body with the lines. I am sure there is a easier way but that has worked for me.